A feature I definitely did not buy the EOS 6D for ended up being “the” feature that I have come to expect from a camera now. It is the Wi-Fi capability.

It all happened just a few days after I purchased the camera and was prowling the streets of Istanbul putting it through its paces. I ended up in Gezi Park in Taksim Square where a small group of protestors had put up tents in an attempt to guard and save the age old plane trees from being cut down as part of the city’s overzealous development. Who would have guessed that the demonstrators were to be forcefully removed by the security forces and that the protests would spread nationwide?

What was happening there needed not only to be documented but to be shared immediately! My camera’s capabilities suddenly proved vital. The situation was such that journalists were much slower than protesters to break the news. Smart phone photos, though lacking the quality of a DSLR’s were quickly shared on the social media. Press photographers, meanwhile, needed much longer time to download their images and send them to their editors. I had the best of both worlds: I was using a full frame DSLR and sharing photos on the run! That summer of 2013 several of my photos would make the covers of major news sites in Turkey.

The Wi-Fi also came in handy for proving that I was shooting here and now… Once I tweeted a photo of a couple with gas masks “kissing”. Comments claiming the photos were not genuine and could be found on Google dating back to some other demonstration from somewhere else were posted immediately! Some kind of propaganda machine was working against the social media users to cast doubt on them. What the trolls had not expected was that the couple I had just photographed was actually still there near me and I could go shoot a new photo and post it to prove it was bona fide!

I ended up being engaged in one of the most important turning points in the recent history of the country I live in day by day and I collected my pictures in my book: “Gezi – The Eye of Rebellion”.

Once the turmoil of the occupy movement settled down I have come to appreciate the use of the Wi-Fi for my long term projects too. Most importantly it saves me from carrying my laptop which I use mostly for editing the photos during my assignments. The useful implementation of the system allows me to transfer small jpegs to my iPad, even though I only shoot RAW format. After each day’s shoot I will sit down and choose the best photos and already start sequencing the story. That way I know if my photos are going the right way, beginning to communicate the story to the magazine readers the way I intend to.

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