A 50mm lens improves your photography, prevents you from repeating yourself, and – though you may favour a different focal length – purifies your mind.

The infinite possibilities a zoom lens provides, leads us to take the same photos again and again. It can be a cramped room or a vast landscape yet we still “succeed” in alighting on the same perspective, the “right” approach we have in our mind’s eye.

It is our mind that is the problem! It is ruled by our prejudices and preconceptions. Our intellect dictates the boundaries of our imagination. It results in photos with similarly arranged elements. What a wide angle sees from a couple of meters indoors ends up having similar effect to that of a “compressed” telephoto shot from ten times the distance.

Enter a room with a 50mm. You need to get a photo out of there! Look for the visual cues that excite you. Give us the atmosphere while doing your best to satisfy your visual taste. Next: move on to the street working with the same lens. Streets are where the 50mm shine anyway, right? Last, but not least find an overview of the city (or whatever landscape/location you happen to be working in). Don’t just snap a photo, make/create the photo, work hard and don’t leave until satisfied (or come back later).

The photos you put together –in order, naturally- will cover the greatest variation imaginable even though they are shot with the same lens! More importantly: it will be your visual style that will be glowing through the images, and not a reproducible technique.

Whether that style is boring –as the 50mm really is- or it is an ingenious/creative solution to real problems will remain to be seen!

  • Can

    February 17, 2018 •

    Düşüncelerinize katılmakla birlikte 50mm'nin Çekiciliğinde, sahip olduğu görüş açısı Sebebiyle Fotografta 2.önemli diyebileceğimiz öğeleri fotografçının estetik algısı (tabi varsa!) çerçevesinde KESEREK(hafif soyutlama) , kadrajlayarak Fotograftaki grafik unsurları daha belirgin Yapabilmesinin DE yattığını düşünüyorum.

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